Our dynamic and energetic team always strives to work to bring the best possible come for you and your home. From the scratch we plan, organize, and create seamless home solutions for you!

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Any real estate service you need we have

Constant contact and communication

Fast cash offers for homeowners

Mortgage specialists with the best rates qutoes online

More Than 20+ Brokerages Have Trusted Us For Quality and quick processes

We are glad to be a part of the growing Arizona real estate market. We want to help everyone with fast processes and quick close times. We are consultants that match products with clients. We are not salesmen and woman.

Customer Once, Partnership For Lifetime

We treat our customers as our partners. We are here to guide our partners through the process and eliminate all the stress.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Choose Us?

We are a all in one service. By cutting out the middlemen we can save you up to 60% on your real estate deal. All of our consultants are Licenced real estate agents and Licensed Mortgage Loan officers. We are also financial advisors.  

How do you help me save money?

We provide the most friendly service for you to develop your ideal real estate transaction. You can come up with an idea of what's needed we are open for discussion to help you to develop your desired results buy giving you a la carte options. The more services you use with us the more you save. Example - Joe decides to sell his house because he is expanding his family and needs more space. Joe comes to us with what he needs. We come up with a game plan together by figuring out his wants and needs analysis. After figuring out what is needed we get joe preapproved for a loan with the best interest rate. After getting him setup with a loan we list his house or give him a cash offer. While we are listing his home we get him pre approved for a loan and get all the documents needed for a quick close. Once we find a home for Joe to live in we Negotiate the best price and get him a deal on a new home. At the same time our listing Sells for the most a home has sold for in his neighborhood ( on average our listings sell for 5- 20% more than the highest homes that sold in the neighborhood.) This whole transaction and communication is done through one licenced individual instead of two. Since all the marketing - ie Photos, 3D tours , drone photos, and videos are all done by Arizona Home Advisor as well we are able to save Joe thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in savings. If joes is in a hurry to sell he can take the cash offer and close in as little as 24 hours and stay in the home until he finds a new place to go. We can come up with a option for you! 

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